Getting to Know Feng Shui

Fengshui refers to an art of Metaphysics practiced mostly in China which aims to single out as well as seeks to use the energies of nature to positively impact people's lives. To those who are not a fan of it, Fengshui is merely superstitions; otherwise, it is a tool to improve one's luck for the believer. There is a probably a more accurate, although technical definitions, but the layman's description of Fengshui as a tool to promote good luck would suffice.

A lot of people are wrong to believe that luck happens by chance and it's pointless to make use of Fengshui to cause "good luck". Actually, there are two variations of luck, in which one is strategic and the other one is random. Fengshui aims to strike on the features of strategic luck in the form of "opportunities" or "performance" rather than on the random aspects of luck. Using the basic analogy of a soccer athlete, Fengshui will seek to improve that athlete's ability to produce more shooting opportunities, and then his rate of effective conversion of these opportunities. View  Mystical Breath

How can Fengshui achieve such an objective? It searches for the most suitable environment for one's skills and endeavors. Basically, many are familiar with some of good Fengshui's characteristics like clean environment, tranquility, good quality of air, conducive lighting and temperature. Each of these can bring about an living environment which will positively impact on its occupants and ultimately cause them to enhance their performance in whatever undertaking they are engaged in.

There are several different aspects that has to be considered in Fengshui besides what is obvious in the physical environment, and they can either be physical or non-physical that happens to be less apparent. An example of a less apparent physical consideration is the landforms surrounding the home we reside in as to how it is situated and shaped. Those considerations that are less-noticeable and non-physical are guided by the Fengshui equations.  read more

Take note that landforms have a similar Fengshui impact to various people. An electric post will affect people who live at the same house just as it would those living in the same block that are facing it. The outcome, however, on each person is different and this can be related to the astrological nature of their birth. The formulas of Fengshui determine who will be impacted by the landform and which sort of Fengshui energy/energies are most suitable for every individual as well as how the home will enable him the suitable kind of energies for the type of endeavors he is engaged in.

So, does this mean Fengshui is superstition? No, except if we were to describe the same of that soccer athlete who is training to produce additional shooting opportunities and improved conversion rate. Another no, no, if we were to think that Fengshui likewise hates air, noise, visual as well as other types of pollution as just like science or common sense.

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